Tuesday, April 26, 2011

God's evolution...Life and Rebirth... What Happens when we "Die" ?

What happens when God reincarnates?
What happens when we die.
This was part of my Vision....it can be looked at from a couple angles. Maybe we'll do both here.
OK we all know something is coming down, we've got age old prophesy hither thither and yon concerning this subject.  And so much of it has been hidden .....coded so to speak.  And it's weird because it is difficult for me to not code it here.... tellin it straight out ...is difficult.  
OK, so I realize I haven't posted my Vision here yet on my blog...it happened maybe 1972...the first half of it.  I had learned how to "go to the archetype plane" (as I called it) to get answers to questions. The amazing thing is that the answer to any question we might pose, lies just before the intention of the question.... so it's simply a matter of following the Question back , to before it was thought...and there is the answer.  Sounds pretty cryptic, but really it's simply a Contemplation on a question.  (I'm using the word Contemplation here in the original sense, where it means a one pointed attention where the perceiver becomes the perceived. Not a mulling around of thought as it has come to mean in this generation of "thinkers".)  Anyway I asked the Question what is God, and what is Going on here.. he he, nice small questions.  Then I had this vision on an archetype level that pretty much actually answered both of those questions very clearly....however about halfway through the vision (or so I'd find out 30 plus years later) a little puppy was biting down on my hand, and I only saw it halfway through, until maybe 7 years ago when once again I asked....and the vision continues.  I'll write a post on that since it's central to everything I believe and pass along.
But this vision contained the answer to the question about God's reincarnation, because basically the vision was a view of God's evolution from beginning to end, in this cycle of Births.
So I guess that's why I encode it, and keep it hidden because whose gonna believe some old hippie redneck has any clue about Gods evolution....but I'm gonna call it like I saw it....  Later I'll pass along the vision....wish I could just show it to you, because it explains itself perfectly, and loses in the explanation.  But anyway:
So as I had mentioned right now you could say that God, or this Eternity is reaching critical mass...... all the separate pieces are expanding within themselves, but the whole is no longer expanding outward.  Rather it is expanding back within Itself.  This is causing the "Quickening" that all aware folks are experiencing now.
In the vision it all started with this ONE Light...that shuddered, then replicated (almost but not quite identical ); "Created in the Image of Itself"   The first and second were connected by a golden/white cord. They kept creating replications, and the replications created replications and the whole thing expanded outward..... At the same time they were replicating, they were also expanding in size. They were each held to a specific and unique position in the Web(created by the golden white cords that connected the whole thing), all a certain distance apart....yet each growing, so growing closer together. All the while the whole thing is replicating outward across a vast emptiness that was everything that wasn't. Well after a few thousand of what we call years the ones in the center of this whole outward expanding creation, had totally filled their allotted position and began merging with those around them that also were filling their spot in eternity.   At the Center what the Mystics might call the"Spiritual Sun" was formed. It was a merging of all the first replications.  Well as you could figure this spiritual sun was growing as each new group added itself to it, merging into it. And for eons this Creation...this Eternity....this God, expanded outward across the Nothingness until not too long ago when there was a big surprise...He he...The Wall, it hit the freakin Wall, Guess what?, there was an edge to this Eternity. At that point the replications kept replicating, but now back within the whole...And the Light compressed. And the Center Grew more quickly as the Light of each replication was growing at a far faster pace, being fed by the Whole you could say.... It got brighter and brighter and brighter until It All Merged.  Then suddenly, in the total nothingness...appeared a Light, and it shuddered, and replicated...and the whole deal started all over again.
OK, so that is the Cosmic View of the event we could call God's evolution ...similar to Yugas in Hindu belief, but I think they still felt the need to Keep God as a super hero on the outside of it all.....missing the point as most religions have chosen to do, that IT IS ALL GOD....which they will state, yet in the next breath put God back outside as their omnipotent, omnipresent super hero maxima.  But I'm going to interject once again what most of our DNA has been programmed to reject (keeping us down and inferior).... "There is no God, without each of us....and there isn't each of us....without God.
So now we're going to look at it a little more pragmatically.  Because here is the big question on everybody's minds.
When God reincarnates what is to happen to us?
The Apocalypse, the "End of Times" ....
And religion and prophesy has all of it's scary and hopeful ideas.....
And the thing is, as contradictory as most of them are with other other....
They are also all pretty much correct....
The best way to describe the whole thing is to describe it in relation to a human souls death and rebirth....as above, so below, as below, so above.  It's all the same thing. So I'm going to explain what happens when humans die.  Now up front here I guess I better flash some credentials cuz some folks just seem to need that before they even consider the words of another. First off I remember past deaths and rebirths, and the process somewhat, but more important than this earlier in this life and in my last one I was taught a technique that I called, "Yoga of the Death State".  And basically what this amounted to was going through the whole process of dying, but not cutting the silver cord that holds us to our bodies.  This is one area where I was allowed to go beyond the "Rule of Three" and I did it quite a few times, so what I'm going to explain about the death process, is one from experience.  However it must be known that the process is different depending upon a souls point in evolution, but the specifics, the overall Territory of the Death realm, is the same.

OK, here is some stuff I wrote about this before.
So I thought I’d walk you folks through the death and dying process in such a way that you can gain the most benefit.(speed of evolution). OK, first thing that happens is there might be a pop when consciousness disconnects from the brain, then it enters the brain stem. This is the gateway to the “Tunnel of Light”… which on one level is in your spinal column. So in the brain stem is where “Our lives pass b4 our eyes”…the first time…. There is no time as we know it once we enter the brain stem. (you can refer to a Tibetan technique called yoga of the dream state where consciousness is willfully withdrawn to a point here in the neck…and we can see the future and the past). Anyway here is where we tend to have a life review. Now the natural process of death is of consciousness moving out from our head, and down through our spinal column, then out the base of the spine. This appears sometimes as “a tunnel of Light” with a pinprick of bright light at the end. Now what surround this tunnel is the astral plane…the plane of the roots of desire, as I call it. Now the rule for a most successful death is to keep focused on the pinprick of light, and don’t look to the side. Because to the side is the astral plane…. There are various global, and personal heavens and hells here. It is important to note that contrary to what the church has pushed into our DNA, heaven is not the goal here…. Heaven is a desire realm, the epitome of our desires, just as the hells are the epitome of our fears…But they are not real, they are transitory human constructs. The goal is the Light. Even though it has been said by the church that you die and go to heaven or hell for eternity…. It is true…and it is not true. How can this be. Well eternity is a product of time, out there in the heaven and hell realms there is not time as we know it… just as you can dream a mini series in the 3 minutes between getting up in the night to pee, going back to sleep, then the dang alarm going off….so are heavens and hells like this…you can spend an eternity there, yet emerge in “time” minutes later. Hence the Christian confusion on reincarnation…”How can there be reincarnation when our doctrine states that we go to heaven or hell for eternity”…well this is how.
So the rule for those seeking maximum growth is to not be distracted by anything surrounding the tunnel.
There is another trap here as well…. We come across “constructs” of our loved ones here. These are pseudo spirits…. They look act and say things like our dead relatives would say, yet they have no souls… Our group spirits are at the end of and outside of the tunnel. As we all know the law of creation says that upon our thought and emotion we create this world of our perception…well consider all the thought and emotion that goes into every single person in creation…there is no way that something cannot manifest from this, and this is the pseudo spirits I am speaking of, the one’s so many people with Near Death Experiences believe are their dead relatives…. But they aren’t. Another thing you will often encounter right away after consciousness breaks free from the brain is … see I’m just making up language for this as I go… well OK, in the process of evolving, once the soul is at the point where it is no longer ego driven, and by that adding upon itself to complete it’s “creation”, we begin to discard everything we had added. Now it’s important to understand that as a human evolves through the first part of their evolutionary process, where the process is one of adding step by step pieces based upon desire and fear…,this whole process is very ordered…step by step. Now once we “are done” being created, we begin the process of return… Now we go back through the steps which have brought us here, step by step…and we resolve these steps (which were built upon desire and fear) by seeing them as they truly are, without judgment, without desire and fear…at this point they kind of break off from us in a little chunk.
Everything we “transcend” still floats in our periphery for a while. It exist around us, on the astral plane. Now when we die as I say, the tunnel is surrounded by the astral plane and sometimes we will see these pieces floating around us… LOOK AWAY… Do not focus on these things . Because the law of this astral plane is, and the reason to always keep focused on the end of the tunnel, is that where you put your attention, you will be drawn, except in the case of these floating pieces, they will be drawn back into you, it’s almost magnetic, like the hole they left is seeking them back, it’s weird…and counter productive as you will be pulling back your old crap, and if it is pulled out of order…(as I said, we created ourselves in a ordered step by step process)..and this is one cause of certain "mental problems", the incorporation of “things out of order”.
So to summarize at this point there are pseudo souls to avoid, that you will be drawn to…there are heavens and hells…. And all kinds of really weird worlds out there…and putting your attention there can pull you in “for an eternity”….. So just keep focused on the Light at the end of the tunnel. If your intention for this is strong you will be there instantly and not have to deal with all the crazy stuff. Then at the end of the tunnel, you move out into this intense bright blissful white Light. Now the souls here are real, your group is here to aid in planning the next trip. (life). Now when I did this “yoga of the death state” my experience here was a little different than it would be if I had cut the cord, naturally I suppose as I’m not here to plan the next life…but what occurred for me was first being in the Light as long as possible(that’s the rule)…then in the earlier days I was taught by 1 teacher, all in white whose face I could not look at without going totally into the Light again. This teacher was there to teach me things. Later the one teacher became a Group. But I do have memory of what happens when the cord is cut. Here you are with a group of souls who love you and are dedicated to your growth.(because of your position in the web with them, you are kind of like a unit...and when you finally merge with the Spiritual Sun, it will be done with them) And in front of you you see your next life…but it isn’t like a straight road, and everything is not “predestined” as one person asked…not really, because it is like this road with many many forks, and each fork is a choice. So we choose a basic path, but once we are re-born, we don’t always make the choice we had hoped we might, when we were planning out our next life. We set up possibilities, and probabilities, we don’t set up exactly what will happen…I suppose that’s the “free will” folks are always talking about on these forums… We always have the choice…again and again. Some choices end up being little sidetracks, but they are also lessons we learn.
As far as choosing out specific death time goes…. We don’t really choose it in the after life stage I believe, but we choose a number of possible outcomes… all depending upon the choices, the side roads we take in our life… But no death is “out of place” We die when we are supposed to, it all shakes out. It’s so funny, I remember quite a few lives and deaths, and they all kind of make this one big picture, they all fit together to bring about this bigger picture. And what I’ve been learning from my “bigger picture” is that the whole duality thing church and government shoves down our DNA, is a crock. Good and Bad are just human judgements. In one life I was killed by American Indians, in another I was an American indian who killed an American soldier, and then was killed. In one…actually a few, I was killed as a witch, in another I Killed witches (although I loved them and killed them because I didn’t want them to be killed by people who hated and feared them). Some of them thanked me earlier in this life, another one has not forgiven me… but it all shakes out. Anyway this is another topic and I’ve written enough here to cultivate thought and the ever important questions.
OK, we talk about the astral plane, and the position to take for the most benefit when dying, and how to approach the 2012 event…  ( Which I don't believe will occur in 2012, but it represents a specific time that will happen)....and we are talking about the same thing. In all these events we have the three qualities (maybe more, but in my way of seeing at this point) there are 3 qualities that determine experience of the astral plane, three qualities that determine the experience of Death…and of God’s death .
These three qualities, or Laws are the Law of Intention/attention, the Law of Magnetism, and the Law of Momentum. These are what I call the astral laws. The counterpart of Magnetism on the physical plane is Gravity. The counterpart of Momentum is Time on the physical plane….and the counterpart of Intention/attention….. is Intention/attention. he he
OK, so here is how the quality of astral/death/Gods death/rebirth is coloured.
Let’s look at it from the death point of view just to make it so I don’t have to write so much, cuz they are all the same. In death “where we go” is determined first by our “magnetism”…by that peculiar vibrational state that our astral being exhibits. We are magnetized in a certain way depending upon who we are, we are a certain blend of the hues that make up the rainbow. Anyway this “magnetizes” our intentions/attentions direction…what we will magnetically be pulled towards. Now the third quality “momentum” literally grabs us and pulls us in.
Now the task my teachers put forth for me…the Rule they gave me concerning Death, and astral Travel was to focus only on the Light at the other side, not to let my attention be sidetracked by the illusions and glamour of the astral realm ( the various and myriad hues). Well this was pretty easy for me at the time just for some reason my Intention/will was incredibly amplified, so not getting sidetracked wasn’t a big deal, but then my teachers were also always there guiding me. There is another part of this equation. Yes we have the Intention, the Will which we apply not to get sidetracked when "the end" gets here, or we die, or we venture out upon the astral plane…. But we also have our peculiar state of magnetism expressing itself through our intention. We have the quality of our life’s astral nature magnetizing us and sending us to whatever is similar there in the “in between time” This is why they like to say that bad folks go to hell, and good to heaven… A rather simplistic view considering most folks go to both for a time, if within their magnetic structure they are strongly magnetized in “positive and negative” ways, as most of us humans are. So it is the quality of our life that determines the quality of our death, our "END of Days"experience and our astral plane experience.
Here is the bottom line, if we want to gravitate toward the Light, which as you know is the totality of all the hues of the rainbow, we must become like that, we must become of the Light, of the totality of the expressed divisions of the light.
So this morning my wife was talking about problems she has dealing with certain people. And I pointed out how we only have problems with folks when their energy resonated with something within us. How so often folks give us a hard time because they are trying to deal with their own stuff, but we humans face our demons so much more easily if we can project them on another…and condemn them there. Really the only problems we have with folks, are problems we have within ourselves. It is that “magnetism” quality that draws them to us, and us to them. And the “Momentum” that sucks us in and makes it hard for us to let go of the Turmoil. So just as we search for the Light upon the astral, and in death….and to truly find it we must first be it….. so the way to deal with difficulties we have with others , is to balance it within ourselves.
We are all a blend of rainbow hues, expressions of the pure Light. But as long as we are so unique in our blends….we will encounter dis harmony. We are magnetized in a limited way, we will be pulled by our intention to whatever it is we are expressing, so the bottom line in our desire for harmony in our death, our astral experience and in the Final Experience….as well as in harmony in our day to day life is to bring all the colors into balance….. bring them all to their epitome….which is the pure Light.
Sooner or later we have to culminate our separate ego based existence, because it will always bring discord. The time is coming where the path of least resistance is The Light…. Where fighting to uphold our separate ideas of ourselves will be more difficult.
So just as our experience on the astral plane, and during the death process is determined by our particular hue…. We are also magnetized in our day to day life with this. We have spent centuries seeking what made us feel good, and running from what made us feel bad….. Yet this will never bring us Peace or Unity. We have sought out only certain colors that we were magnetized for in a positive way, and repelled the colors which made us uncomfortable, gave us fear. This is the process of evolution….this is Satanic in Nature….all about the separate little self….this is part of the sacred process…yet this time is up, now we are entering a time where the Glory of all the colors is what we revel in…all the colors in total balance….. This is the Sun, this is the “Truth” and this is the eventual goal for all of us.
OK, a couple things I had written....so, as far as when "God Reincarnates".... the same procees holds, except that suddenly all of Humanity and everything else will be in that Timeless state....
There are three ways to Go.  Heaven's, Hells, or the Light..... and each of these is timeless. So, not to worry (unless you are a habitual worrier, then you might be gonna have a lovely trip to a Hell Realm for an Eternity.)
But then in the Blink of an Eye, God is Reborn.  It's a strange paradox.  An eternity....and a blink of an eye...all at once.
So here is my tip for you,
Feed the Joy, and that is what you will Get in the end....
in your little death it will take you to a Heaven realm...
.in God's death it will take you to a heaven realm.
It has nothing to do with being "Good or Bad"...those are foolish human judgments that will tend to put you in a Hell Realm....  It's about the world you create with your love and intention.... Put your energy to Beauty, and beauty is what you will have.  Put your attention on fear, and sickness, and grief, and anger....and all that is what you will create your world out of.   It's pretty basic Law. 
Feed the Joy....it's Time.


  1. What a mouth full! "God's death"? It sounds funny though...we were taught God cannot die! Was it not for the explanation beforehand, I would have been more confused now. Thanks for the great article. Many people say "I wish I were you...", but I'm glad I AM I, but just wish I knew what YOU knew. lol

    1. Yep, we've been "encoded" in our DNA not to question a lot of things. "Religion" historically has not been spread to Humanity in very Loving ways. Accept our "story" or we'll torture you until you do, or at the very least we will ostracize you... That has been going on for a long time. Humans don't like being tortured or ostracized.... and if it happens enough, they will put up the required Blockages to Questioning.... We are so full of those Blockages that it makes evolving our "Knowing" very difficult.

  2. I saw Heavens and Hells and other things I’m not going into here that I call “constructs” which are a spiritual reality that haven’t gotten a lot of, or any Newage Press he he.


    And one day I took the question, “What is God and what are we doing here?


    Back then it seemed impossible for me to believe
    that folks just couldn't go into the Light
    like I could....
    and Debbie said she'd like to experience that.
    So that night I did a little magic,
    it either came from one of my Teachers,
    or just from deep within me


    Yes you can eradicate Polio (seemingly), but then suddenly some "brand new " thing will emerge to work out the Karma.... often worse than the original. A big lesson humans need to learn is that the energy they put to suppress disease/fear/uncomfortable reflection etc.... feeds what they are attempting to hold at bay.


    OK, so reason 1. was that it's pointless to cure the effects, when the cause will Have to manifest itself one way or another....to move along.

    I AGREE 100%

    Well here is my theory. The second time the German came and told me about the Healing/Mind Control Machine.... he was dead. And he was feeling guilty for using a Mind Control Machine on me years previously to see if they could remotely control a person, right down to doing detailed work with things they knew nothing about. They could not stop him from telling me, now that he was dead, And he felt guilty, because maybe he was aware of the Bizarre twists my life was to take after that experience...
    Tellin me about that mind control machine was basically getting off his chest, what he had done with it when he was Alive and probably working out at Ames Research Center where my Dad was....
    I haven't heard from him since.
    Maybe my Mom felt guilty that she allowed me to be used in testing the Mind Control machine and this is why she refused to come out....
    and HMMM, the vibe that day was the same as the vibe the night we had the UFO encounter. Did that encounter have anything to do with this.... it was odd how I became very psychic after that encounter...
    Still lots of Questions.

    Any Ideas?



    1. Hi, I put a reply here on the spiritual forum where it'll be easier to talk about...http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/showthread.php?p=1403659#post1403659

  3. excuse my ignorance, if in fact that is the root of my question, but i percieved a slight contradiction at the end of this post...

    "It has nothing to do with being "Good or Bad"...those are foolish human judgments that will tend to put you in a Hell Realm.... It's about the world you create with your love and intention.... Put your energy to Beauty, and beauty is what you will have. Put your attention on fear, and sickness, and grief, and anger....and all that is what you will create your world out of"

    but if we ignore, or run from, our fears, are we not just separating ourselves into ego boxes again? if we do the opposite of what our fears tell us (that is to say, face our fears, do what we are afraid to do) are we not integrating "more colors" as you put it into ourselves, rather than feeding fear... that is to say, in my opinion feeding fear is to ignore what we are afraid of

    suffice to say that as i write this i understand that there is maybe no misunderstanding at all, just different word choice... how often this happens that on the "archetype plane" (as i think you would call the level im talking about), there is understanding, but on the physical manifestation there is still confusion and divison...

    but i also have faith that the splitting of everything which is the birth of our known multiverse, has now become an integration of everything, and these problems will slowly dissolve, as you would call it, gods death - although personally i dont like this word (either of them actually) because the desire of the whole to be sepparate and the desire for the pieces to become whole, is really just the same thing, and just as when we reach maximum separate-ness we begin to reconnect, so does absolute one-ness become boring all too quickly (even though we pretend absolute one-ness is self contained and "happy" which on one hand i think is true and on another is completely false because when all is one there is no comparison so even things like bliss cannot really exist... or maybe this is just my ego belief as i have never been "in the light" long enough to feel this blissful eternity as i might imagine it... but eternity in the blink of an eye and all that)

    how blessed i feel to have stumbled upon your little corner of the internet, and yet how aware i am that this is thanks to my personal "magnetism" and a refocusing of my intentions recently (how easy it is to loose one self in the mundane day to day survival tasks, which in my opinion are being perpetuated to keep us down, but whats a girl to do... gotta eat... still looking for the confidance to throw myself at the world and be provided for as i know in my "seed" is possible). i understand that you have a newer blog which i am also reading through, but couldnt contain myself but to write here

    1. Sorry it took some time to reply, out of state doing a hectic show, just got back tonight to a freezing house and internet out. Wow, I didn't know anybody ever came across this blog. Ignoring and running from our fears/sickness/grief and anger is a waste of time and counter productive if we are on the evolutionary "return path" (though is the Rule and Law for those still collecting their....unique separate expression., even though there are very popular fad "spiritual" belief systems that propose this exactly. The fact is all these things have deep roots, some many lifetimes deep. Maybe my wording was poor. If we invest our energy in the manifestations of our deeply rooted fears and diseases....this will simply feed them. If however we allow our intention to silently Contemplate them, then we can understand them for what they really are.... and cease being their puppets. We can indulge in our "suffering" or we can contemplate it and understand it's truth...it's roots. And yes, it can be a problem bringing an archetype perception into a shared understanding... And by the way thank you for your reply to this post that makes me very happy to know there are those out there .....I could actually have a really nice conversation with....I usually/ always feel like the lone ranger here in a vast wasteland.. And you are totally right I think about the absolute oneness becoming boring.. Dang, I'm having a hard time thinking...sitting here freezing. Fire stoked to the max but a week from home and the house is cold to the bone... ...The Bliss of the Light, the Oneness...well, the thing is that our souls are always by their most basic nature...Compelled to Evolve....that is their primary directive....the first part of the evolution may seem more like devolving...as in moving away from that oneness...and the return trip we tend to grant more sacredness to, but as you say, they are the same thing.... but this compulsion is the most basic trait to our souls nature as far as I can tell, and every time I was in the Light for any amount of time, and every time we "die" and go through that.... it is kind of like boring because being that there are no relationship points..... and even though it is enhancing our evolution (once we come out of it) while we are there it can seem very boring or even deeply lonely.... Like, yeah, bliss, Light whatever, but let's get on with it. You state that you have not been in the Light long enough.... but your words, your perception of these things is so Right on...I'm sure that you have, only some times, if we haven't approached it intentionally, or have in the dreamtime....we simply don't remember because of the difference in Frequency from our "Normal" operating mode. Totally agree with everything you have said here.... and I am so very glad to know you are out there...
      Thank you